My Winter Garden – Part Six

This is one of my most attractive garden beds, planted in a transportable planting bag. It’s called Mesclun. The name comes from Provençal (Southern France) — mescla, “to mix”— and literally means “mixture”.

my Mesclun:

Mesclun is thus a salad mix of assorted small, young salad leaves. The traditional mix includes chervilarugulaleafy lettuces and endive in equal proportions, but modern versions may include a mix of lettucesspinacharugula(rocket, or roquette), Swiss chard (silver beet), mustard greensendivedandelionfriséemizunamâche(Lamb’s Lettuce), radicchiosorrel, and/or other leaf vegetables.

This planting contains tatsoirocketmizunaradicchiocos lettuce and a couple other lettuces I can’t identify. I regularly plant pots and bags with mesclun seeds in broadcast style, and I just wait and see what pops up. I have leaves available almost all year round. When life gets intense, I just come out into the warm noonday sun and feast my eyes on nature’s beauty. So wonderfully therapeutic!

Posted by Kurma on 20/7/12; 8:40:49 AM

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