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Since I’ve been sharing my life with the world now for over 30 years, it is inevitable that there has been an imperceptible changing of the guard, so to speak. My books, cooking classes, recipes and cookery shows that were presented throughout the eighties, nineties and the noughties are being passed on to another generation.

I often receive letters from men and women who literally grew up eating food from my cookbooks, or who used to sit with their parents watching my TV shows. Many of these people now have children of their own. And so it goes.

This recent letter particularly moved me. The author has allowed me to share it with you all.


“6 July 2012
Dear Kurma,

Hello and many thanks to you for the wonderful recipes you have given to the world.

I bought your book Great Vegetarian dishes when it was first published. My daughter was a baby at the time (she’s now 21!). She grew up on the many tasty recipes you presented (as has my son). Your pumpkin soup remains the favourite of our family and also for many of my daughter’s friends. Their mothers would ring me asking for the recipe, complaining that their child preferred the pumpkin soup K’s mother made them!

Many of the recipes have become staples in our household, particularly the soups. Being wheat and dairy intolerant the dal soups were a god send, packed with taste and nutrition. To this day you will find these soups in my kitchen (now made from memory), being served to guests or providing a sustaining breakfast to the household, complete with sour dough spelt bread. I have also loved the chickpea recipes. From using your books I developed early on a passion for these wonderful legumes.

I adapted your paneer, making it with goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk. Divine! Still warm, drizzled with salt and olive oil, just as we (my daughter and I) made it the day we did your cooking class in Bendigo a few years back. Sometimes I substitute tofu for the paneer in recipes. Not quite the same I know, but the recipes are so packed with flavour the tofu absorbs them and tastes amazing. And I also adapted your chapattis, making them with spelt flour. My son is quite adept at making these. Imagine – a teenage boy, in the kitchen, a look of wonder on his face as the first chapatti he ever makes obligingly puffs up and he grins, saying “this is so cool!”. And now he enjoys making them just so he can see them puff!

I have your other books as well. They are obviously well used as they have stains and a worn look about them, especially the great vegetarian dishes book. (It will soon need replacing).

I wanted to thank you for what you have achieved Kurma. You have managed to touch the hearts (and stomachs) of people like myself who are not Vaishnavas nor even vegetarian, and provide food that is amazing to eat, easy to cook and nutritious. Your blog inspires and challenges me. I am so glad you decided to keep doing it. Your recipes have now been handed down to the next generation. And all of this without your being aware of it!

Please keep doing what you are doing. It is invaluable. You influence people like myself to make better and different choices not only in what they eat, but about how they view life, and what it means. I am very grateful for what you have done.

Warm regards,

KR, Bendigo, Victoria”


Comments in response to this post:
Dear Kurma Prabhu, Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and sweet letter. what else can say I am still learning many things from you, your discipline, the way you organise your cookery classes, presentation, the facts you post on your blog are just amazing. Thank you once again…. ys & regular blog reader… SKC Dasa

security change • 18/7/12; 10:33:44 AM #
Dear Kurma, Thanks for sharing this letter…great to know what such a good work you did and still doing ….I can find myself in this letter…my GVD book also is full of stain, use it so often that it needs binding… Alix

Alix • 18/7/12; 1:28:44 PM #
Another KFC member here! Beautiful letter, echoes my sentiments too…you have taught myself, my daughter, my sister and my friends at your classes and through your books and tv presentations over the years and we enjoy many special dishes at family celebrations, everyone loves the Iranian rice when I bring it to the table and if I am especially loving, freshly made panic!

Catherine Mayer • 19/7/12; 7:17:19 AM #
Panir, panir not panic! Hope my error makes you all laugh!

Catherine Mayer • 19/7/12; 7:18:55 AM #

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