Is Anybody Out There? Thin on the Ground in Blogland

Dear readers, I thank you for your patience with my scarce blogs these last few months. I have my hands full, and blogging is a luxury.

I’m thinking of re-publishing some of my favourite blog photos from my massive image archive – with a few words of commentary – to satisfy the blog deprived amongst you, starting with the one below. Your feedback, especially since I am no longer on Facebook, would be greatly appreciated.

With appreciation,


Yes, the photo above…The cooking vessel looks like a Paella pan, in which case it is a ‘world’s biggest paella-making contest’. However the venue appears to be India, so I would have to guess that this is Biriyani or Khichari. Either way, that’s a pretty impressive job.

Posted by Kurma on 9/6/12; 5:46:31 PM

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