Whey to Go

B from Melbourne writes:

“Could you please suggest some recipes to use the whey created when making panir cheese? I have tried it cooking rice, and vegetables, but am looking for something a bit more creative.”

My reply:

You can boil pasta in it. You can add it to bread dough, pastry dough, cake mix and pizza dough, and as the liquid ingredient in batters and pancakes, and in all kinds of soups and dals* (*added at the end).

Try adding it to homemade lemonade – one or two parts finely strained fresh whey, added to a lemonade of one part fresh lemon, one part sugar, and 6 parts water and ice.

Whey is very nutritious, so don’t waste a drop. Add it to shakes and smoothies. If all else fails, pour it on your rose bush for fabulous blooms. Acid-loving plants really crave whey, and flourish.

Oh, and pets adore it too, especially puppies and kittens. Serve it straight up, in their drinking bowls.

Posted by Kurma on 14/4/10; 6:41:20 AM

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