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Michelle from Australia’s Gold Coast wrote:

“Dear Kurma, I would like to request if you could do me a favour. I am cooking your wonderful Vegie Nut Burgers for 300 people! Are you able to provide me with quantities for 300?

I love this recipe and have been feeding my family these burgers for years. However this recipe is in mls….oh a little tricky to convert. Much blessings from a hopeful recipient…”

The Big K Burger:

My Reply:

My original recipe makes 16 burgers. 300 divided by 16 = 18.75. Rounding up, you’ll need to multiply the recipe by 20 to cover it. The recipe multiplies exactly. So that’s:

20 cups cooked short-grain rice (it should be sticky) ,
30 cups cooked brown lentils, thoroughly drained ,
10 cups carrots, coarsely shredded ,
30 cups bread crumbs ,
10 cups peanut butter ,
800ml soy sauce (3 cups + 2 tablespoons) ,
100ml Chinese sesame oil (scant half cup) ,
3/4 cup dried basil ,
1 1/4 cups dried oregano ,
20 teaspoons salt (heaped 1/4 cup – careful) ,
heaped 1/4 cup yellow asafoetida powder ,
10 cups chopped fresh parsley ,
heaped 1/4 cup sweet paprika

Proceed as per the recipe. Best wishes, Kurma.

Posted by Kurma on 5/2/10; 7:17:53 AM

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