Too Hot to Bear, Too Sweet to Resist

‘Too Hot to Bear, Too Sweet to Resist’…That’s the famous chutney mantra. So much chili that it’s unbearable, but so sweet and tasty that you can’t stop eating it. A sort of culinary masochism. I was even thinking of designing a t-shirt with it on. But I digress…

Cooking is a form of relaxation for me, especially when I’m not too ‘cooked-out’ from teaching, if I’m home alone, and in the mood for some spontaneous kitchen adventures. These rare circumstances all converged last weekend – my son and father were both away on ‘sleepovers’. So I took advantage.

I surveyed the scene: plenty of fresh chilies (the last of the season) and some super-ripe tomatoes. Tomato chutney!

I blanched the tomatoes, peeled and chopped them, heated a little olive oil in a saucepan, and toasted some cumin seeds until they were fragrant. I added the chopped fresh chilies – fiery red savinas and yellow habaneros – and added them to the pan.

Not illustrated here are the other ingredients I used: a tiny piece of cinnamon stick, a small handful of organic sultanas, and a smidge of sea salt. I reduced the chutney way down before adding the final ingredient: a moderate handful of organic raw sugar.

it's too hot to bear but too sweet to resist:

And there it is; hot, sweet, nose-tingling and irresistible. A bit like me (not).

Posted by Kurma on 19/5/10; 5:10:08 AM

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