The Peach Chutney that Returned From the Dead

Here’s yet another article that slid away through the cracks in my desktop filing system a few months ago.

When white peaches were in season, I blanched a bowl full in boiling water and slid off their skins. Here they sit in a chutney still-life with olive oil, some home-grown yellow habanero chilies, raw sugar and some aromatics.

After blanching the peaches I removed their stones and sliced them.

blanched peaches:

The yellow habaneros (yes, I did use quite a few) were sliced fine, and I did not remove the seeds.

I heated a good amount of good quality olive oil and added the aromatics – cinnamon, cardamom pods, cloves and a few slices of sun-dried turmeric.

Then I added the habaneros and sauteed them, their very flavoursome, bitey aroma filling the kitchen.

Next go the peaches, and I cooked those until they broke down and went very soft.

The peach chutney was finished off with a decent few handfuls of raw sugar, and spooned into jars. A delightful relish!

Stoned fruit has pretty much vanished from Sydney shops until next summer, but their preserves and chutneys remain in my pantry, adding flavour and variety over the winter months.

Posted by Kurma on 2/5/10; 3:15:48 AM

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