The Ones That Got Away: Part Three

This report finally brings us up to date with all things bloggy.

We held our first Cookery Retreat at Krishna Valley, in country Victoria, two weekends ago.
Krishna Valley, surrounded by State Forest, is 200 acres of beautiful rolling countryside a couple hours outside of Melbourne, Australia. Here are some images:


This is us, in our great farm kitchen, the ‘action-central’ for all things culinary over the weekend. We had loads of fun.

another panir steak on the barbie:

We made our cheese from scratch, pressed it, and fried it on our giant red-hot smokin’ griddle, splashing it with tamari and home-made sweet chili sauce in it’s final moments of basting glory.

The oldest member of our group, who wished to be known only as Teddles (to his friends) had a great deal of fun blending our heavenly carrot and ginger soup to a creamy puree. He said he would like to take the giant Professional Bamix home to his ‘shed’, but alas, he had to hand it in at the door. (Teddles also won the ‘silliest bandana of the weekend’ prize).


Our next and final retreat for this year will be in October 2010, but alas that is fully booked out. Stay tuned for the opening of enrolments for 2011. Better still, contact Veda on the number below and book ahead. (Pssst…rumour has it that there will be one at the beginning of April…ssshhh…)

Bhakti Yoga Cookery Retreat,
Hare Krishna Valley, Bambra, Victoria,
A weekend of cooking, learning and eating!
2011 dates to be announced,
Bookings/reservations/enquiries call Veda 0405 577 453.

Posted by Kurma on 24/8/10; 6:47:51 AM

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