The Ones That Got Away: Part One

My cooking classes are coming and going with such mind-boggling speed that I’ve hardly had time to even upload the photos I managed to take of the culinary events that so underscore my life, what to speak of blog them.

But somehow or other, it seems that, for the moment, the asafetida-scented funk has cleared enough for me to compile at least a small photographic record of events that have so eluded reporting over the last few months.

So let’s begin with Gopal’s Vegetarian Restaurant. Two sets of classes have come and gone unreported, so here’s a few glimpses:

fun at Gopals:

The red hemp shirt means this was Sunday 25 July.


What’s a Kurma class without a succulent bundle of juicy-fresh-panir-cheese joy ?

another groaning banquet table:

And we all retire to the banquet table – the way of all good cookery classes.

curdlingly good fun:

And the black hemp shirt means this was way back in May. My friend Radha Caran was the photographer that day, so these are his images.

look at the camera:

I introduced my students to my friend behind the lens.

my ten-millionth batch of cheese:

Yes, everyone was very focused that day.

let the good times roll:

Rolling pin still-life.

And that wraps it up until tomorrow. Stay tuned for part two of The Ones That Got Away.

Posted by Kurma on 23/8/10; 7:32:55 AM

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