The Kurma Top Ten

Yesterday I had a talk with Steve, my UK-based blog facilitator. “Mr Stats” directed me to a listing I didn’t even know existed, my ‘most-read blogs’. The list speaks to me of many things, especially ‘product placement’. Some on the list, though, are quite a surprise.

Here’s a link to the top ten. Enjoy!

1. Parrots on the Bottlebrush, Duck Under The Table… 28,096 readers
2. The Traveler & The Nut Tree… 25,105 readers
3. An Evening with The Veronicas… 24,078 readers
4. Milky Talk… 23,774 readers
5. Attention all Qualling, Onion-eyed Puttocks…23,710 readers
6. Cooking with Kurma in Iran… 21,876 readers
7. A Week in Puri, Part One…17,564 readers
8. Carrot Cake… 16,852 readers
9. Charles vs McDonald’s… 14,708 readers
10. The Glories of Bananas, 14,575 readers

Posted by Kurma on 14/5/10; 7:06:44 AM

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