The Express Train of Life

Things have been hectic, and I’ve dropped behind in my blogging. Specifically I mean I haven’t published journals of cookery weekends that have now slipped by like station platforms flashing past an express train window.

My life seems to be accelerating, and years are racing by in ever-increasing velocity. I’m constantly reminded of this, like when I spoke to my old friend Dusta Mohan last weekend in Canberra. ‘How long has it been since we last met?’, we mused. 5 years, 10 years…? No it was 1996, almost 14 years ago! To my teenage son, himself almost 14, those years are a huge lifetime. To me, a few blinks of an eye.

John Lennon sung “Life is what happens to you / While you’re busy making other plans”. In other words, he was saying that since we can’t see the big picture, why worry and obsess over things we have no control. I understand his ‘train of thought’ – excuse the play on words – but I don’t entirely agree. In actuality, life is meant for undertstanding what that big picture really is. We must never lose sight of the big picture, and who we really are, else what is the point of our sojourn, and where are we going?

We’re on a journey, to be sure, but the real passenger is looking out of these eyes, just like ‘we’ look out of the train window. We are not these bodies.

My Spiritual Master Srila Prabhupada stated (way back in 1973): “The soul already has a spiritual body, which the material body covers. My material body grows upon me – my spiritual body – but my material body is unnatural. The real body is spiritual. I am accepting various bodies that are unnatural to my constitution. My real, constitutional position is to be the servant of Krishna.”

Posted by Kurma on 12/5/10; 7:38:22 AM

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