The Continuing Story of Mohanthal

There’s been some excellent feedback from my request for a traditional Chickpea Flour Butter Fudge recipe that I put ‘out there’ a few days ago. This seems the most authentic, clearly described and reliable recipe for Mohanthal, so, as Jyotsna graciously advises, please enjoy it!

the real mohanthal:

Jyotsna Modha wrote me on Facebook:

“This is our family recipe for traditional Gujarati mohanthal, written by my daughter on her blog. Please enjoy it!

By the way, Sanjana’s Blog is superb. Amazing recipes from my all-time favourite cuisine, Gujarati! Highly recommended.

Posted by Kurma on 6/1/10; 11:08:18 AM

Comments in response to this post:
Hi Kurma, thank you for your kind words. I’m so sad I couldn’t have posted a better picture on my blog. I will update it as soon as possible with a clearer photo. Just wanted to say that you have been very much an inspiration in my life. The first cook book I ever read was Great Vegetarian Dishes when I was 10 years old and I have enjoyed reading each book and learning to cook ever since. To this day I treasure your recipe books. Thank you for this. Sanjana

Sanjana • 7/1/10; 10:31:18 AM


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