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I stumbled upon an old Seinfeld episode “Summer of George”. George decided he would retire from all active work for a few months and enjoy himself with no strings. Needless to say he was pathetically unsuccessful.

in your face:

I was thinking we are all a bit like George; we want a level of satisfaction that is hardly attainable while in this current body of limited sensory facilities, and thus we get frustrated and angry.

And if you’re thinking that these pictures don’t really seem to fit the text of today’s blog, you’re sort of right. But it is summer here in Sydney, and these are some freshly picked summer crops from my garden – an assortment of tremendously hot chilies. Let’s just say it’s a loose flow of consciousness.

Posted by Kurma on 7/1/10; 4:11:56 PM

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I suppose it is typical of human nature to yearn for the difficult to attain and obtain things in life… Hmm, I wonder what you are going to do with all of these hot chillies!?

Sanjana • 7/1/10; 11:55:46 PM
Bright colours:)

Sudakaran Sangaran • 8/1/10; 1:39:04 AM

karen simon • 9/1/10; 11:28:00 AM

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