Springtime in Kurma’s Garden

Hello fellow greenthumbs! Here are some recent photos of my patio herb garden.

The Green Team:  The green team

Spring yields new growth, replenished greens, and a chance to look at life afresh.

parsley and mint:  Continental Parsley and Mint

Those close enough to know me well understand that this particular change of season also brings a new, fresh look at life and all its temporary manifestations.

rainbow chard:  Rainbow Chard

Great thinkers have concluded that his world is an impermanent place, a reform school for the wayward soul.

respendant marjoram:  resplendent Marjoram

I see my little garden not as belonging to me, but rather as a prison garden, where the Jail Mistress Durga (working under her Master, Krishna) has kindly allocated me a small allotment to tend to.

vigorous vietnamese mint:  Vietnamese mint

A far bigger and better garden lies beyond the purview of this cosmic manifestation. But that is a vast discussion, outside the scope of this tiny blog.

oregano:  Oregano

I continue to pick sprigs and leaves from this garden treasurehouse with gratitude, cook them with love, and offer them back to The Lord of Vrindavan.

silverbeet:  Silverbeet

Posted by Kurma on 14/10/10; 6:32:46 AM

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