Each time I wander out onto the patio I am overwhelmed by a sea of fresh greens. Even a few pots can provide ample vegetation to bolster a humble meat-free diet.

Yesterday I thought it was time to cut some fresh spinach and make something tasty and simple. I was faced with the rare luxury of eating alone, so I could cook whatever I felt like – a healthy way to eat, just as long as you are tuned in to your body’s licit cravings.

I am rather partial to rice cooked with fresh greens. Spanakorizo! That’s a Greek dish which means Spinach Rice(you may have guessed). This was to be my version.

fresh greens:

I cut a moderate bundle of fresh silverbeet (known in the US as Swiss Chard, as you may know) which is certainly spinach-y enough for what I needed.

The stalks were tender so I chopped everything quite coarsely. I folded the greens with 1 cup of Thai Jasmine rice, and I chose to add a decent slosh of top quality Greek olive oil, a knob of Danish-style cultured unsalted butter, a good grinding of sea salt and black pepper, a whisper of fresh oregano from my garden, a generous fling of asafetida, 2 cups water and a vigorous grating of grana padano cheese.

When I want a hassle-free rice dish that doesn’t need to be cooked delicately, I use my rice cooker. Do you have one? They are very useful. I just add everything, stir it once, turn it on, pop on the lid and forget about it. Its tiny rice-cooker brain knows when the rice is done, and it will turn itself off for you.

And turn itself off it did, leaving a soft green-laced grain and a tasty, cheesy, buttery, caramelised crust of crispy rice on the bottom that I gently lifted off and folded through the finished product. I drizzled it with more olive oil and some more shavings of grana padano (not captured in the picture, alas). Comfort food, Kurma-style.

Posted by Kurma on 8/1/10; 10:53:00 AM

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