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I received this letter, and thought to share it with you:

Hello Kurma,

I have just finished cooking my first recipe from your book, More Great Vegetarian Dishes, and I am just so happy with the flavour … a revelation!!! It is Savoury Chickpeas in Tomato Glaze.

I have moved over to a vegetarian way of eating two years ago. Now I think I have come home, it is the best thing I have done.

My cooking skills are erratic. I love the Krishna food at the Fairbridge Music Festival every year, so after last year I bought a whole lot of Indian spices and just threw in this or that when I cooked.

It kind of worked, but never could i get close to the subtlety and the little kapow! of pungent spicey things that make it so addictive, until TONIGHT!!

Roasting the whole cumin and mustard makes an unbelievable difference to the flavour; I have heard you say this on many occasions in your lessons but until you do it yourself it remains a theory. I am going to enjoy working my way through this book, and really embracing this cooking.

I have greatly admired your ethics and style from the first time I saw your show on TV years ago, never did I know I would become veg’ myself. You’re a beacon to people such as myself.

OK, bye for now. with loving kindness David Whitehead, Perth.

Posted by Kurma on 15/4/10; 8:25:32 AM

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