Old Gold

Here’s an old blog that improves with age:

Madan Mohan Mohini Dasi from Sandy Ridge, North Carolina, USA wrote:

‘I was reading through one of your cookbooks and came upon a recipe with spinach. I just thought I’d let you in on an old secret about cleaning greens.


You fill your (kitchen-size) sink with water and add salt (maybe a handful or so) and clean your greens in that. (I suppose if you were to use a much larger sink, you would use more salt) Anyway, it takes all the dirt off.

I do this all the time – even with muddy spinach right out of the garden. You don’t even have to do a second rinsing; however, just to play safe I do a second rinsing in clean water (without salt). This really works well and saves a lot of time.’

Posted by Kurma on 31/8/10; 6:55:46 AM f

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