Mangrove Musings Part 1

My final Mangrove Mountain Anna Yoga Retreat for 2010 is over. Here’s a few photos from Sunday, day #2 of our two-day cooking intensive. The photos for day #1 are on someone else’s camera, so ‘the cheque’s in the mail’ on that one.


Our group poses for an inaugural photo in the room above the kitchen complex as the warming rays of the final days of winter pour through the window.

menu planners still-life:

Our menu for the day, along with pistachios for the kheer dessert, and slabs of rich organic-milk panir cheese, poised to fry and baste to perfection.


Sisters Laura and Katherine came with their Mum and seemed to really enjoy themselves. Laura perfected the art of making chapatis the day before. Maybe we’ll have some pictures of that.


Meneka found a new vocation over the weekend – the more physical side of cooking. The heavenly Carrot and Ginger Soup meets it’s end.

panir steak supreme:

And what Panir Steaks! Truly the most succulent I have ever tasted.


The Pistachio and Cardamom Kheer Sevian was highly delicious.


Always a surprise, the Saffron Lemonade delighted many palates.


Raw asparagus ready for it’s 15 minutes of fame.

flamin' asparagus!:

Flamin asparagus! Literally. I have perfected the art of barbecuing asparagus using an exceedingly hot wok. So hot that when a drizzle of oil and seasonings hit the pre-heated surface, it flame-cooks the asparagus.


The flames were alight for close to 3 minutes, and the asparagus were truly the most delectable I have ever tasted.

best BBQ asparagus ever:

Asparagus along with the mysterious ‘breath of the wok’ flavour.

Lunch at Mangrove:

A sample of our delights! Come and join us next time.

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