Man with Green Thumb

As you probably know, the English idiom ‘green thumb’ refers to a natural skill for gardening.

A person with the aforesaid verdant appendage seems to always be able to get plants to grow well, just by being around.

Perhaps you all know someone who fits this description. I do, and his name is Trevor.

During a particularly difficult period of my life, I shared a house in Perth with my old friend Trev and a couple of other men. The property was centred around a quarter-acre organic market garden. We had pumpkins piled up to the ceiling, successful crop after successful crop.

Trevor was able to produce wonderful fruits and vegetables there, season after season. It was a pleasure and an honour to be part of his enlivening and successful liason with bountiful Mother Nature.

Practically everything Trevor grows flourishes; I recall his okra and bitter melon and beans, squash, zucchini and chilies, the pumpkins and watermelon and countless other food crops; truly memorable.

fresh bitter melon:

Trevor is now the garden-meister at New Govardhana Farm, situated ten kilometers outside Murwillumbah, in the foothills of Mount Warning (North East Coast NSW).

He’s still got thumbs, and they’re as green as ever. Here’s a view of Trevor’s current pride and joy, the temple market garden.

The proprietors of New Govardhana – Radha and Krishna.

The New Govardhana Hare Krishna Community is a 900 acre certified organic property with orchards, vege gardens, lakes, cows and peacocks.

lake at New Govardhana:

After a recent phone conversation (Trev and I stay in touch) he offered to send me some of his photos of all things rural and veg in his life. These are they.

Trevor is not only an amazing gardener, he’s also a great photographer. Bee on a chili flower.

Lotuses grow in the lakes at New Govardhana.


If you’re in the area, drop by and visit the market gardens, lakes and beautiful temple, and don’t miss the famous Sunday Feast.

Mango season at New Govardhana.

See you at New Govardhana: and don’t forget to ask Trevor for a tour of the garden.

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