Kuvanje sa Kurmom! A Letter from Serbia

JGJ from Becej, Serbia wrote:

“Dear Kurma,

Your books are unlimited inspiration for me. I decided to send you a few photos from last weekend’s cooking adventures. All recipes are from your books.

Kuvanje sa Kurmom 3:

First day I prepared: Insalata di RisoFocacciaCarrot HalvaBrussels Sprouts Potatoes and Peas with Sour CreamGreen Tomato ChutneySpiced Hot Apple Juice DrinkPumpkin Gnocci with Sage-scented Butter and Parmesan CheeseSambarand Deep-fried Karela – from my garden!

Here are the karela (bitter melon) from my garden.

my fresh bitter melons:

And my pumpkin and bitter melon vines in peak of season.

pumpkin and bitter melons:

Second day I prepared : Minestrone SoupMoussakaOven-baked PumpkinsIndonesian Crispy Corn FrittersPanir Steaks with Maple Marinade, and Horseradish Cream.

Kuvanje sa Kurmom 2:

Every weekend I prepare some of Your great recipes, and every of them are perfect.

Kuvanje sa Kurmom 1:

As you can see in the photos, I invite my friends to these feasts. Thank you again, and best regards from JGJ {second from left in photo above} in Serbia.”

Posted by Kurma on 4/11/10; 7:25:32 AM

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