Kurma’s Summer Garden

In this world of duality, my garden shimmers in summer haze, while many of my Euro-readers are crunching through snowdrifts.

So be it. What goes up must come down. Our time to shiver will come, soon enough. In the meantime, I tend to my little green brothers and sisters who are living out their herbal lives in pots on my patio.

Here’s a brief photographic update.

greek basil 2010:

This is Greek Basil. The leaves are small, and the flavour is subtle and floral. I think this plant will grow very profusely.

radish 2010:

My radish plants, soon to yield their crunchy pink offerings, are this big after only twelve days. Remarkably fast-growing.

2010 rocket:

Nice peppery leaves of rocket. The more I pick, the more they grow. Great with sourdough bread and fresh cream cheese.

2010 rainbow chard:

I regularly cull leaves from my ten pots of rainbow chard. I throw it into whatever I’m cooking to add the required ‘greens’.

2010 habaneros:

This is year three of my Habanero chilies. You can see how thick the trunk is. The chilies are inferior in size this year, so I might (speaking quietly here so he doesn’t hear me) ‘take out’ this plant after it’s fruiting season is over and send it to plant heaven.

2010 basil:

Lovely large-leaved fragrant basil. My eight plants (four varieties) will easily see me through summer salads, sandwiches and pastas.

2010 lettuce:

Tiny lettuce plants look so fragile and lovable, like all baby plants and animals. This is nature’s arrangement so we love them and give them shelter. It almost looks like they are opening up their little mouths and saying ‘feed me, I’m thirsty Daddy’. Maybe I should get out more.

Posted by Kurma on 13/12/10; 10:28:13 AM

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