Kurma Returns to Perth

Not permanently, but just for 2 weeks, 3-15 July.

If you live in that glorious part of Australia and would like to organise a group of friends, I can share a hands-on cookery extravaganza and banquet in your home.

team fruit satay:

Or perhaps you would just like to attend a class.

Here’s what’s on so far. Hope to see you soon!

Cooking with Kurma,
Fremantle, WA,
Full-day Hands-on Vegan Cookery Workshop,
Sunday 4 July 2010,
Email Cruelty Free WA (info@crueltyfreewa.com.au),
Bookings: call James/Jess on (08) 9335 7039 between 11:30am – 6:00pm Tuesday to Sunday),
More information available online at www.crueltyfreewa.com.au

a feast with kurma:

Cooking with Kurma,
West Perth, WA,
Two evening Vegetarian Cookery Classes,
Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7 July 2010,
Upper Crust Cooking School,
Shop 1, 77 Colin Street,
For Bookings, contact: Gabriel Zahra,
Ph/Fx 08 94814149,

let's get cooking:

Cooking with Kurma,
Bunbury, Western Australia,
Aspenz Cooking School,
Two Evening Cookery Classes,
Tuesday 13, Wednesday 14 July 2010,
Bookings 08 97217400,
Contact aspenzk@westnet.com.au

Posted by Kurma on 14/2/10; 12:56:26 PM

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