Kurma on Campus Part Two: La Trobe University Bendigo 2010

This is day-two of our La Trobe University Cookery weekend. We’re on Bendigo Campus, it’s Sunday morning. The rain is falling, it’s cold, but we don’t care, because we’re snug in the kitchen.


We commence our class with the usual sit-down intro. Lots of notes taken, University lecture-hall style.

chilies for the sambal:

I do a lot of ‘show-and-tell’ today. The ‘boys and girls’ want to see some knife techniques. I show them exactly how thick to cut the chilies for the Javanese Chili Pickle, Sambal Bajak.

team bendogo 2010:

Team Bendigo 2010 chop semi-dried tomatoes for the Macadamia Pesto.

sweet peppers for the sambar:

Today’s South Indian dal is a nice hot and sour Sambar. Sweet red peppers are one of the ingredients.


Tim is our youngest participant. He’s enjoying the cooking camaraderie.


I’m doing the run-around. A big commercial kitchen keeps you fit!

let's talk about lentils:

Let’s talk about lentils.

getting sorted:

The dal is on, and we’re getting in the groove.


I show them how to toast the macadamia nuts.

caution - hot chilies:

Caution – hot chilies!

sambal huddle:

Practically a group hug. We huddle as Brad, Qantas Pilot, cooking afficionado, and really nice guy, finishes off the Sambal Bajak.

which one shall I buy:

Decisions, decisions.


Job well done, we sit for lunch. Entree is a nice big bowl of exquisitely complex Sambar Dal, a succulent slab of fresh Panir Pakora battered and crisp with a good slurp of hot, dark, mysterious and very tasty Sambal Bajak, alongside the BBQ Asparagus with the Macadamia and Semi-dried Tomato Pesto and shaved Grana Padano. Yes, you may drool.

the real meal deal:

The real Meal Deal – eating with Kurma. And by the way, Manoj not only organised everything for these classes, he also took hundreds of photos. I selected and edited what I thought were the best. Thanks again, Manoj.

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