Kurma on Campus Part One: La Trobe University Bundoora 2010

Here we are on day one of our La Trobe University Cookery Weekend. It’s Bundoora Campus in Melbourne, and we’re all poised to dive into another kitchen experience.

Team Bundoora 2010:

Jenny is a cooking groupie of mine. Here we’re checking all the ingredients for the Sambar dal.

Kurma and Jenny:

There’s something going on in that saucepan. Amira takes a peek…

Amira takes a peek...:

It’s alive!!!

it's alive!!!:

Fresh Kurma Cookbooks

the selection:

Drilling for soup. “Eat your heart out, BP”.

drilling for soup:

Daikon radish. How very zen.

daikon radish:

Claire having fun.

Claire having fun:

Berries a’slidin’.

berry delicious:

Fresh coriander cutting lesson.

we're doing the fresh coriander:

A tasty South Indian salad. ‘Night on Carrot Mountain’.

night on carrot mountain:

Saudi Baharat-scented chickpeas with Fresh Greens.

Saudi baharat scented chickpeas with fresh greens:

Another class, another banquet.


Many, many thanks to Manoj Kumar for making the La Trobe University adventures a reality.

Posted by Kurma on 8/6/10; 6:06:33 AM

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