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Deva from USA wrote:

“What is your opinion on open shelving in the kitchen? Dirty? Impractical? Greasy? Or….you know…lovely?”

My reply:

Dear Deva, personally I like a bit of both.

I like all my eating ware to be in cupboards with doors so that they stay clean and dust/grease free. That way they are ready to use without rinsing first. By the time I need to access eating ware I am usually rushed and a bit ‘cooked out’, and done with non-essential stuff. Having eating ware always in an enclosed cupboard facilitates an ‘out with the plates and glasses, serve out and off you go’ sort of thing.

Cleaning goods and things like plastic wrap, foil wrap, garbage bags, paper towel supplies, zip-lock baggies, dishwashing soap, and other ‘out of sight’ stuff I always store in cupboards with doors, right under the sink.

I am happy to have some big cookingware on open shelves. They would need a quick check and maybe a rinse at the beginning of the cooking, when I’m fresh and able to do that anyway. They look impressive and take up a lot of cupboard space.

Always-used utensils like spoons and whisks, favourite frypans and small saucepans, knife blocks and spatulas, graters and the like – I have them at arms’ reach always, in the open.

I like to keep a dispenser with a roll of good quality paper towel right next to the stoves for immediate mop-up facility for spills, spatters, drips and boil-overs.

A full range of glass jars of small amounts of spices are always in the open in a shady heatproof place for instant access.

Bulk spices, and all bulk dry goods, including dried fruits, nuts (if they can’t fit in the fridge) grains and dried legumes, etc etc I like in cupboards with doors, so the contents are completely out of sight.

Big machines that are heavy, like food processors, dough mixers, juicers, and heavy mortars and pestles I like on open shelves at waist or chest height for easy access. No tough lifting.

Hope this sheds light, Kurma.

Posted by Kurma on 29/1/10; 9:23:02 AM

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