I Know What You Did Last Saturday…

…I taught a class at Cooking Co-ordinates in Belconnen Markets, Canberra (but you already knew that). Afterwards I spent 23 very happy minutes at a 9-hour kirtan. (Kirtan = ecstatic call-and-response chanting of Sanskrit mantras, to music).

Why only 23 minutes, you ask? Well, I wasn’t finished at the cookery school until after 4pm, and I had a 6pm bus back to Sydney. Add up all the drive times and 23 minutes is all I had. But it was quality time.

I was also fortunate to meet an old friend/godbrother of mine who I had not seen since our last Hare Krishna ‘pioneers’ reunion, in 1996. His name is Dusta Mohan. Dusta, if you’re reading this, drop me a line with your phone number, we’re having another Big Reunion in 2011.

Posted by Kurma on 11/5/10; 6:31:23 PM

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