Here’s One I Made Four Years Earlier

I’m sifting through some huge cookery class photo files (4Gb!) taken at my last cookery weekend at Mangrove Mountain to update my blog travel articles. But time is running out, since I am packing for my flight to the National Capital, Canberra tomorrow to share a cookery class with Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her cabinet.

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, okay, I made the last bit up, but I am teaching a class in Canberra tomorrow.

The other day someone asked me what was my favourite sweet, and this morning someone wrote with some technical questions about Rasagulas/Rasagoolas/Rasgoolas/Rasgulas (all the same name, different spellings for my favourite sweet!) So I went back to my blog archives, and here’s today’s contribution, from 2006.

Ramaa Prakash from Acton, MA, USA asked:

Hello Kurma, I tried out your rasgoola recipe and I had a follow-up question. What do I do if I need to make more than one batch of rasgoolas? The syrup tastes great, but I don’t want a gallon of syrup getting wasted at the end of 2 or more batches. Can I somehow re-use the first batch of syrup to make a 2nd batch? Thanks..”


My answer:

“Yes I don’t see why you can’t re-use it. It will be of a slightly different concentration so it might have to be ‘tweaked’. Otherwise, I have successfully re-used leftover rasagulla syrup in making drinks – I strain it then use it as the sweetening agent in lassis and lemonades, for instance.”

Posted by Kurma on 10/9/10; 11:12:48 AM

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