Farewell Perth

It’s the end of my cookery sojourn in Western Australia for another year. The cooking was too unrelenting to fully capture it all ‘on film’, but here’s a few images.

The second of my two classes at Upper Crust began with my presentation on panir cheese-making. That’s one of my students, Pat, stirring the milk.

We used the best unhomogenised milk from Margaret River. Rich milk with the cream still on top makes top-quality cheese.

entrees are served:

A few days later I catered for a dinner party. Here’s the entree table.

Guests nibbled and feasted their way through the afternoon, with a total of 20 dishes served to 40 guests.

A few days later I presented a hands-on cookery class in the suburb of Hillary’s. Here our ebullient crew sit down to dinner.

The Epiphany Doughnuts soaked in a sticky orange blossom and rose syrup were a great hit.

Ok, a little closer…

So that’s it. This tired Kurma returns to the East Coast to home base, and a quick recharge before another wave of events.

Posted by Kurma on 14/7/10; 1:13:34 PM

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