Even Falafels Get the Blues

I’m often asked about Falafel that turn rogue. Has it happened to you?


Lee from Melbourne wrote:

‘Hi Kurma, I would really appreciate some advice on how to prevent my falafels disintegrating to almost nothing when I deep-fry them. The same thing happens to my chickpea cutlets.’

My reply:

‘Hi Lee, The answer is quite simple and you will kick yourself when you hear why: You are using cooked chickpeas, maybe from a can.

Falafel are made from RAW chickpeas. Cooked chickpeas will always make your falafel disintegrate.

You must not buy cooked ones, or cook raw ones. You must buy raw, dry chickpeas from a grocer, soak them, drain them, grind them, then proceed with the salt and herbs and spices, roll into balls and deep-fry.

Same with the chickpea cutlets. You can make chickpea cutlets from cooked chickpeas, but if you do that you must pan-fry them in a little oil, not deep-fry them. Hope this sheds light. Best wishes, Kurma’

Lee replied:

‘Yes I have been using organic canned chick peas. One kick for me. Thank you so much for such a prompt reply. Warm regards, Lee.’

Posted by Kurma on 18/11/10; 6:43:03 AM

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