Eggless Orange Cake

Baking has never been my forte. But the recent acquisition of a new Bundt-style cake tin propelled me to make an eggless orange cake last weekend. I dug up four recipes, and created my own.

First I creamed 200g of room-temperature butter with 180g raw caster sugar. I splashed in a splosh of pure vanilla extract, and folded through the zest from 3 large navel oranges for an intense citrus flavour. Then I added 200ml of milk and 200ml of yogurt. I happened to have some ‘citrus cheesecake’ yogurt in the fridge, but plain would have been fine.

Then I sifted 3 cups of self-raising plain cake flour with 3 teaspoons of baking powder and a smidge of salt. I folded it all together and spooned it into a large Bundt cake tin. I baked it on 180C until it rose and darkened, then lowered the heat and cooked it some more until an inserted knife came out clean. Then I removed it and allowed it to cool.

The sponge was soft and bouncy. Excellent! I heated 3 tablespoons orange juice with 1 tablespoon lemon juice, and added it to 200g icing sugar and another heaped tablespoon of orange zest. I poured over the icing, spread it the best I had (couldn’t find my palette knife) and it was done.

orange cake action:

Posted by Kurma on 20/5/10; 6:38:30 AM

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