Diddly About Dal, and the Magic Mantra

AD writes: “…Any chance you could give a devotee some pointers on how to prepare a tasty moong/channa/urad dal? I can make rajma (kidney bean) and also channa (chickpeas) well, plus I turn out tasty subjis & sweets, but I don’t know diddly about dal. My dal repertoire is non-existent. Can you please help? Thank you, AD.


My reply: Here’s a little secret in searching all things Kurma on the internet. It was pointed out to me by my blog technician a few weeks ago. If you want to find anything that was ever published on my blog or website, there is a ‘mantra’.

To find out anything I have written about dal, go to google search and key in
site:iskcon.net.au inurl:kurma dal

If you want to find anything I have published online about, say cheesecake, then you key in:

site:iskcon.net.au inurl:kurma cheesecake

You get the drift. So don’t forget, search in google, leave out the “quote” marks, obviously, and insert any topic after the word ‘kurma’.

Keep the magic mantra on your desktop, and use it whenever you want to find anything from my 3800 pages of archives.”

Posted by Kurma on 22/11/10; 7:36:12 AM

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