Calling all Kannada- or Tamil-Speaking Kitchen Ladies


A. M. from Chennai wrote me:

“Can you please tell me what are these called in kannada/tamil:

1. Water chestnut (singhada/singhoda in hindi) flour

2. Amaranth seed (Amaranthus) (rajgira in marathi) flour

3. Buckwheat (kuttu in hindi) flour

Any ideas, dear readers?

Posted by Kurma on 15/2/10; 12:10:53 PM

We have some answers:

2. amaranth seed (Amaranthus) (rajgira in marathi) flour = dhantinasoppu (kannada)

3. Buckwheat (kuttu in hindi) flour = kollu, kotu (tamil)


Kurma • 26/2/10; 3:32:36 PM

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