Another Fun Weekend in Cookery Land

I’m in the midst of an intense but sweet 5-week marathon of cookery classes. Last weekend was spent in Melbourne with a double feature of all things cibarious (go on, look it up in the dictionary, you know you want to).

Saturday could be subtitled ‘Box Hill Bliss’ – a birthday party bash with a group of close friends and their relatives, as seen below:

Box Hill Bliss:

On Sunday, the kitchen camaraderie continued.

hot and spicy huddle:

One of my students (known in code as ALCvA PhD) reported on the day on his blog: “Following a short introduction, adorned by our multi-hued aprons, we all got stuck in… sharing, learning, and more…

what lurks within...:

…chopping, stripping, frying, peeling, observing, listening, tasting, smelling and sniffing, looking and staring, reading, grating, cooking, responding, coughing and hacking and choking (Naga Jolokia chillies)…

apple chutney time:

It was a complex dance with a deadline to meet

Posted by Kurma on 13/10/10; 6:53:48 AM

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