A Tale of Two Herds

A Tale of Two Herds
Juliette Jowit, The Guardian, Saturday 13 November 2010
“It is an picture of unmitigated bliss. Tulsi and Radhika, a pair of beautiful dairy shorthorns, shuffle quietly in knee-deep straw; Gopi chomps a carrot offered by a visitor and Sarasvati and Padmavati murmur beside two calves born a few weeks ago. The Hare Krishna herd of 44 cows and oxen at George Harrison’s old mansion in Hertfordshire is as calm as a temple…”

New Gokul Farm:

“What’s the future for dairy farming? Juliette Jowit reports on new plans for an enormous super-dairy, home to 8,000 cows. John Vidal, meanwhile, visits a tiny herd of 44 in Hertfordshire – all have names and are cherished from birth to death”read more

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