A Currant Affair

While wandering around a gourmet fruit market in Bondi Junction, I espied a tiny punnet of blackcurrants (125 grams) reduced from a crazy $7.50 to $1.50. How could I resist? I figured that fresh blackcurrants are not a popular berry choice amongst common shopping folk here in Australia, hence the reduced price.


Although well-known and well-loved in colder regions of the world, I suspect their incredible tartness scares many potential buyers away. You really need to cook them to take advantage of their amazing strong flavour, depth of colour and fruity tartness.

currants a'simmerin':

I covered them with quite a lot of sugar and water and simmered them slowly over a low heat for a few hours in a covered saucepan. By the time I returned, they were plumped and sweet, the syrup was fragrant and as deep purple as a rock band.

My original investment had made a 400ml jam-jar full of fruits in syrup. Here’s how I served the inaugural tablespoonful – on a cold mountain of vanilla-bean sorbet. Yes, it tasted as good as it looked. Next time guests turn up, this will be dessert.

Posted by Kurma on 7/1/10; 4:25:19 PM

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