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Blog Archives, December 2010
Eggless Christmas Cupcakes
A Christmas Meditation
Christmas Recipes from Kurma’s Kitchen #1 – Kofta
Christmas – Meaty and Unsustainable
Last Tango in Canberra

Christmas Recipes from Kurma’s Kitchen #2 – Polenta
Christmas Recipes from Kurma’s Kitchen #3 – A Chili Christmas
Kurma’s Summer Garden
Feeling Cakey

Another Christmas Recipe
Kurma’s Christmas Fruit Cake
Vegie Chrissie Barbie
Apple Strudel

Blog Archives, November 2010
Holy Cow! Dairy versus Vegan
Steak and Chips
Cheesecake Consciousness
Kuvanje sa Kurmom! A Letter from Serbia
Kurma’s Apple Pie
THC, Anandamide, Chocolate, and the Search for Pleasure
The Milk of Pampered Cows
Red Meat Consumption Linked to Increased Esophageal Cancer Risk

Delhi-style Sprouted Mung Bean Salad
They’re Back

The Rise of the Power Vegans
Kurma’s Curried Malay Noodles (Laksa)
Moishe and the Mule
Even Falafels Get the Blues
Bovine Bliss

The Stars, Baby, The Stars 
Only Five Shopping Weeks until Christmas
Hare Krishna Eateries at a Glance
Diddly About Dal, and the Magic Mantra
The Most Beautiful

These are a Few of My Favourite Blogs – Part One
Sad Day on Sesame Street
These are a Few of My Favourite Blogs – Part Three
A Tale of Two Herds
The Lord of Sweetness

Blog Archives, October 2010
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 12 : Pumpkin Wafers (Kaddu Bhaji)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 13 : Scented Almond Milk Cooler (Badaam Dhood)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 14 : Sauteed Cauliflower and Green Peas (Gobhi Hari Matar Sabji)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 15 : Bengali Spinach (Badaam Sak)
The Soul
Krishna Valley Bhakti Yoga Retreat October 2010
Insects for Lunch. …anyone?
Lamp in a Windless Place
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 16 : Cardamom Shortbread Cookies (Elaiche Gaja)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 17 : Creamy Mung Dal with Chopped Spinach (Palak Moong Dal)
2010 Farewells Cooking with Kurma in Sydney
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 18 : Sweet Potato Salad in Maple-Lemon Vinaigrette (Shakarkand Salaad)
Another Fun Weekend in Cookery Land
Springtime in Kurma’s Garden
A Letter from Paul McCartney
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 19 : Zucchini Pakora with Crushed Peanuts (Louki Pakora)
Warts and All
Ekadasi Cauliflower Pakoras
A Kurma Xmas
Brown Paper Packages Tied up With String…
On the Road
Mallacoota Meanderings
The Story of the Porcupines
The Juice of Life
Mallacoota Rainbow
Wake Up!
A Kurma Christmas

Sukkah Dukkah and The Wandering Mind

Blog Archives, September 2010
Wisdom of the Ancients
New York Times: Remembrances of Lives Past
Yamuna Devi Recipe #1 : Simple Potato and Green Pea Stew (Aloo Hari Matar Foogath)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 2 – Sweet Saffron Rice with Currants and Pistachios (Meetha Kesari Bhat)
Pumpkin Boyz
Here’s One I Made Four Years Earlier
Back To Bolivia
The Most-asked Question
Sanjana’s Saffron & Lemon Srikhand Cheesecake
Srimati Radharani
Blog Realisation
Stormin’ Kurm’n! News From Base Camp
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 3 : Papaya, Avocado and Jerusalem Artichoke Salad
Ugandan Sweetcorn Cobs (Kasodi) in Peanut and Coconut Sauce
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 4 : Carrots, Cashews and Dates in Smooth Yogurt (Gajar Kaju Raita)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 5 : Nutritious Whole Grain, Split Pea and Vegetable Soup (Sabji Matar Dal)
Bill Clinton Now a Vegetarian
Chups Without the Fush
More Marmalade
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 6 : Deep-Fried Stuffed Hot Green Chilies (Hari Mirchi Bhaji)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 7 : Toasted Coconut Rice (Nariyal-Ki Chava
l) Vegetarian Cooking Classes with Kurma in Melbourne
na Devi Recipe # 8 : Butter-soft Eggplant Wedges (Bhona Baigan)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 9 : Cubed Potatoes with Fresh Fenugreek (Khate Aloo Methi)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 10 : Apricot Chutney with Currants (Khumani Chatni)
Yamuna Devi Recipe # 11 : Lime Ginger Ale (Adrak Sharbat)

Blog Archives, August 2010
Nineteen Forty Six
Curry, and Other Concoctions
Wild Sourdough
We All Scream
Eggplant Pickles
The Vegan School Lunch Box
Of Mangoes, Men & Leadership
Raw Food, Part One: Kurma Moistens Vegan Snouts
Raw Food, Part Two: More Bovine Delights
Raw Food, Part Three: No Ghee, No Glory
The Ones That Got Away: Part One
The Ones That Got Away: Part Two
The Ones That Got Away: Part Three
Sandwich Heaven
Buckwheat Chapatis
Return to Mangrove Mountain
Mangrove Musings Part 1
Feed the World
Old Gold

Blog Archives, July 2010
Travelling West – Krishna Meditations
Here’s One I Cooked Earlier
The Upper Crust
The Real KFC
Farewell Perth
Scones, anyone?

Kurma’s Big Mac
Memory Lane – Provolone Grande

Blog Archives, June 2010
Winter Cookery Retreat with Kurma Dasa
Jesus in India
Kofta Krazy
Kurma Dasa in Tasmania
Personally Signed Kurma Cookbook
Kurma on Campus Part One: La Trobe University Bundoora 2010
Kurma on Campus Part Two: La Trobe University Bendigo 2010
Return of the Big Falafel
Cindy and Michael do Panir
Come Feast with Us…
Kurma in Russia
Vegetarian Children
TinTin, World Cup and Cherry Pie
Death is a Horizon
Pie Day
Bhagar It

Stop Eating Before You Are Full

Cooking with Kurma – Returning to Tassie
Leave Home Now While You Still Know Everything
Finding Love in Lilydale
Kurma in Bunbury
What’s for Dinner, Kurma?
21,000 days
Kurma in Brisbane
The Key to Failure
Sinh To Bo
Sweet Potato Pie

Blog Archives, May 2010
Eat Your Vegies: Some Personal Training
The Peach Chutney that Returned From the Dead
Man with Green Thumb
What I’m Reading
Trillions of Winters
I Say Old Chap, What a Capital Idea!
The Good Time Rolls
A Huge Celery

I Know What You Did Last Saturday…
The Express Train of Life
The Kurma Top Ten
Meaty World
La Trobe University Vegetarian Cooking Classes with Kurma
“Sir…Put your arms in the air and step away from your desk…”
Too Hot to Bear, Too Sweet to Resist
Eggless Orange Cake
One We Blogged Earlier
Memory Lane – Adelaide 1972
Join Kurma in the Kitchen
Afiyet Olsun!
The Return of Mr Green Thumb
Elephant Apples
Blog Baby!

Blog Archives, April 2010
Kurma’s Back
India/Malaysia 2010: Before and After
Home Base and Tomato Pickle
India/Malaysia 2010: King of Fruits
Whey to Go
Satisfied Reader
Back to the Farm
Hari Food Up Norf
Kurma’s Curried Malay Noodles (Laksa)
Happy Birthday GVD & Blueberry Cheesecake
Kings of the Wild Frontier
India/Malaysia 2010: Rebirthing
Roasted Capsicum, Peanut and Tomato Soup
Life’s a Beach, and Then You Cook
Getting it Right
Corny Olde Blogge: Here’s One We Made Earlier

Blog Archives, March 2010
Blog Re-run: Non-dairy Sources of Calcium
Cooking with Kurma 2010
Gone to India

Blog Archives, February 2010
Kurma Blog Re-runs: The Big Salad
Kurma Blog Re-runs: “Shoots, Roots & Leaves”
Kurma Blog Re-runs: In Search of The Perfect Chip
Kurma Blog Re-runs: Cereal Killer
Vegi Burger King
Taking Stock
Deep in the Heart of Texas
The Status of Flatus
Kurma Returns to Perth
Calling all Kannada- or Tamil-Speaking Kitchen Ladies
Return of Lemon Curd
Pumpkin Soup
Blog Re-run: Tofu and er…er…Dementia
Blog Re-run: Clean Greens

Blog Archives, January 2010
Happy 2010
The Continuing Story of Mohanthal
A Currant Affair
Summer of Kurma
More Avatar Musings…
The Real Deal – Homemade Yogurt
Why no Garlic or Onion, Kurma?
Moist & Luscious Maple Fruit Muffins
Cousin Brothers
Shepherd’s Pie
Vegetarians Less Likely to Get Cancer
Wheat Alternatives
What to Eat This Australia Day?
Los Habaneros
Don’t Cry for Me Argentina
Hare Krishna Vegetarian Food Relief for Haiti
Brahma-Muhurta – The Time of Rising from Bed
Krishna’s Flute
Custard Tarts and Lemon Curd
Kitchen Design

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