What’s Your Favourite Kurma Recipe? Part 3

I’ve been on the road indulging in – you guessed it – more cookery classes. I use the word ‘indulge’ because it is actually a great deal of fun. The mini-report will be up and running in a day or so.

In the meantime, here’s more instalments of the Favourite Kurma Recipe poll. I’ve hit a rich vein again. Please, all of you who haven’t written yet (yes you!!) I want to hear from you soon.

keep'em coming:  Lajjarani writes “My all time favorite is the Laksa/Curried Malay Noodle soup! So spicy and guests love it. Delicious on day one, and just gets better. It looks complicated with so many ingredients, but cooks up in just over an hour, and works well with substitute ingredients. Thank you so much for putting the recipe out there.”

keep'em coming:  Gaurangi wrote from India to tell me that the Green Curry from my Quick Vegetarian Dishes was her first fave dish, then Sweet and Sour Walnuts and my hearty Barley and Vegetable Soup. She noted that she thought it was mean of me to only ask for three, so she added a fourth: “Potato and Cottage Cheese Rolls with Sour Cream and Cranberry Sauce is really great.. also haven’t made it for a while but i feel it may be time to do it again.. right now!! maybe not.. it’s 10.30pm.. you have amazing recipes. i love them. we all love them. thanks and well done!”

keep'em coming:  Radha from Australia also went way over the top with six entries in her top three: “What a question! I’ve been thinking hard about this and I’ve decided that there is no one answer, although it’s amazing that some of my favourites are already listed out of the hundreds of possibilities. I know what each of my girls would say. The eldest; Palak Panir, middle; Moussaka and youngest Kofta Balls. Of course the most favoured and most often cooked dish for us all is Khichari but then what about desserts? The Almond Fudge is to die for and what birthday is complete without Carob Fudge Cake? Well I’ve narrowed it down to a few .. does that help ??”. Yes, it certainly does, Radha. Thank you.

keep'em coming:  Nick from Alice Springs admits his top three are: “The recipe for malai kofta made with spinach, panir and�flaked almonds (had a divine taste and texture) plus Panir made with fresh milk and yoghurt as coagulant, and Saffron and Almond Halava“.

keep'em coming:  Vaidhi Bhakti’s response was short and sweet: Carob CakeMatar Panir and Mango Lassi.

keep'em coming:  On the other hand, Valerie from Cape Town wrote a weighty tome which I reproduce in full: “Hello Kurma, years ago, before I could get married, my mother-in-law (unbelievable as it may seem) gave me one of your books as a gift. She owned a copy of Great Vegetarian Dishes and when I would visit her I would sit and browse through the book for ages. Little did she know that she would change my life for ever. My husband always tells me that if I couldnt cook, well…he wouldn’t be my husband. So thank you for your incredible recipes.

Like many others, I found it very difficult to narrow down my favourite recipes to only three (let alone one). So I figured that I could list the ones that I am requested to make more regularly:

1. Rasam.
This is by far the recipe I make the most often, probably twice a week, sometimes three times. I had to come up with a quicker way of cooking it because at times my husband sudddenly decides that he`d like some hot rasam dal, so I use my faithful pressure cooker to accelerate the process.

2. Vegatables au Gratin
Need I say more? …maybe i could actually… for a long time I wondered why my mother`s vegetable au gratin was always so perfect. Now, mine is also perfect. I serve it with home made soft rolls. parfait!

3. Gobi Kofta 
There is always chickpea flour in my cupboard because of this recipe. There is only one problem I encounter with this recipe – it is very hard to resist eating the hot kofta balls while I am frying them! So now, I make extra and sometimes I shape them in the form of patties and use them as “burgers” for my husband’s lunch. Awesome!

Thank you for truly inspirational cooking. I must add that you Fruit Cake is excellent. I wasn’t a fan of anything with dried fruit in it until I made this cake.

keep'em coming:  Ria and Dick wrote: “The voting from the Kingdom of Belgium has now been tallied!!

1. Baked Stuffed Cheesy Corn Breads (Enchiladas)

2. Vegetarian Lasagna

3. Rainbow Brown Rice

Receiving equally high votes were the MoussakaGuacamolePakoras Mock Crab Cakes with Thai Peanut and Cucumber RelishKoftas in Tomato Sauce, and Spinach Filo Triangles (spanakopita). Ria adds that it would have been much easier to list the top 50 choices. We don’t think we have ever tried a Kurma recipe that we didn’t totally enjoy and that we would ever hesitate to go back to!!”.

keep'em coming:  Chitra from Muscat writes: Our all time favourites are matar paneerrose lassi khichari.

keep'em coming:  And finally, for now, well-loved Kurma-blog-stalker Linda admits her favourite three are Stuffed Baked AvocadosSucculent Gujarati Pumpkin, and North Indian Cabbage Salad

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