What’s Your Favourite Kurma Recipe? Part 2

Yesterday I requested some feedback from you all, dear readers, about your favourite Kurma Recipes.

keep'em coming:  You already know that Steve from Wellington voted Rajma, the famous curried red beans with spicy gravy and panir cheese, as his favourite. It was Steve that inspired this on-going research.

keep'em coming:  My old friend Barry told me his favourite was Fruit Cake Halava. You won’t even find that recipe in any of my books. It was a special Christmas-time recipe that I used to prepare at Gopals restaurant in the 1980’s. The usual halava ingredient – semolina – plus dark brown sugar, butter, plus mixed dried fruits, mixed peel, vanilla, walnuts and glace cherries. Quite spectacular, like a fruit cake, served hot with custard.

keep'em coming:  Alix from Mauritius lists Matar PanirRicotta Cheese-filled Calzones, and Carrot Cake as her favourites.

keep'em coming:  Fredrik from Sweden wrote and told me his favourite was Khichari – the recipe from first my cookbook, followed close behind by my Cauliflower and Pea Samosas, then Cauliflower and Potato Supreme. Fredrik’s son voted for my Gopals Vegie-nut Burgers.

keep'em coming:  Amy has two top contenders: Panir Steaks and Palak Panir. Her third and family favourite is my Tabboulehrecipe, replete with sumac and no onions.

keep'em coming:  Aditi thanked me for my ‘delicious creations’ and reported that her top three recipes are Eggplant & Panir in Tomato SauceNorth Indian Curried Cauliflower and Potatoes, and my pasta sauces.

keep'em coming:  Manoj from Melbourne enjoys my South Indian Yogurt RiceMasala Chai and Eggplant Pickles.

keep'em coming:  Craig (the Lad) from Victoria listed (1) Tamari, Sweet Chili Panir/Tofu Steaks (he cooks them every week) (2) Khichari, with Greek yogurt and lots of ghee (he has cooked this for many friends, he says, and they love it and always request it when they go camping) and (3) Banana, Walnut and Rose Halava (dark roasted) with vanilla custard. My, I’m getting hungry…

Okay boys and girls, I know you’re lurking out there. Put finger to keyboard and let me know: Your favourite Kurma recipe please.

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