What’s Your Favourite Kurma Recipe?

more cards and letters:

Steve from Wellington, New Zealand wrote:

“This (Panir Steaks) recipe is why I’m a fan of yours. Many years ago I tried the Panir Steaks at our local Hare Krishna Higher Taste Restaurant here in Wellington. I liked them so much I asked about them and they referred me to your cookbook.

Consequently I’ve bought a couple of your cookbooks. My all-time favourite recipe is Rajma, which is also featured in a recent letter from a fan of yours.

This all got me thinking that you should run a poll of what is your readers’ “Favourite Kurma Recipe”. I don’t know if its been done already, but if not, it could be useful. Or is there a clear cut winner that you have noticed over the many years of correspondence? Cheers Steve”

My reply:

Hello Steve. I have actually never conducted such a poll, but it’s a good idea. So here goes…

Ok readers, it’s time for a little feedback time. I know you’re out there. I need to know the answer to this question: What is your favourite Kurma recipe?

If it’s hard to narrow down just one, then you can send me your top three favourite Kurma recipes.

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