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Summer is well and truly here, and things are moving along nicely in my tiny patio garden. While Europe and parts of North America are buried in snow, Sydney shimmers in blasting heat. Such are the dualities of this strange world.

wild side:

My tasty, semi-bitter rocket is …rocketing! I just pick a few leaves and have with any savoury sandwich, or salad selection. Healthy bitter greens stimulate appetite and keep the pancreas ‘well-oiled’.

first-born Habaneros:

The first ripe Yellow Habaneros for the season. Many more are ripening on the bushes. These chilies have an exquisite flavour and fragrance and are blisteringly hot – 30 times hotter than a Jalapeno, in fact. But you’ve got to love them for their beauty.

fragrant lemongrass:

Lemongrass is such a reliable herb. I use the leaves for tea. Very soothing on the stomach, and delicious! Just cut, pour boiling water on top, leave to brew, then drink.

homegrown berries:

A humble offering from my humble strawberry plant.

new kids on the block:

Seeds of last season’s Habaneros and Red Savinas are reaching adolescence. Won’t be long before they will also be ‘with child’.


Rosemary is a new addition to my herb collection. Great with potatoes!!!

Kumquat's ripening in the summer sun:

The first flush of kumquats came and went many months ago. I was able to make nine kilos of kumquat marmalade from the small yield. It is truly astonishing just how few fruit you need for a large jar of jam. Just six of my large-ish kumquats yield a one-kilo jar of marmalade. These have got quite a few weeks to go. There are literally hundreds of fruits this season. That’s a truckload of marmalade.
Posted by Kurma on 22/12/09; 10:59:36 AM

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