What to do with Fresh Turmeric?

fresh turmeric rhizomes:

LS from South Africa writes:

“I have a few rhizomes of fresh turmeric this week in my organic veggies box, and I haven’t a clue what to do with them – they look very appetizing, but do I fry, boil, soup, bake or roast them? Please help”

My reply:

Thanks for your letter. Use them like you would fresh ginger, as a seasoning only, and in similar quantities. Any recipe requiring turmeric powder, use 2 x the quantity of the fresh. Just wash and dry, then grate what you need. Use rubber gloves when grating, it will stain everything.

Fresh turmeric is nice in soups, dals and curries, but you only need a teaspoon or two of the gratings in a recipe for four people. Long, slow-cooked dishes are especially enhanced by the goodness and flavour of fresh turmeric.

Go to my blog home page and key in ‘turmeric’ in the search box for lots of info and ideas.”

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