Weekend at Wauchope

My goodness! It’s been a whole week without a blog. Looking after myself, my father and my son is certainly almost more that I can keep up with. I do still get to teach regularly. It’s really like breathing for me – it just has to be done.

Last Friday I boarded a train and enjoyed a gentle and meditative seven-hour journey north from Sydney to the town of Wauchope.

world rushes by:

It was a rare chance to go deep and wander around in my inner world, as the outer world rushed by.

absorbed in sound:

My noise-canceling headphones + my iPod = spiritual rejuvenation. A rare delight!

gang of ten:

The Company Farm, run by Lyn Withers, was the venue. My fourth visit was, as usual, enlivening and enlightening, both for me and my students. Saturday’s class was conducted in the afternoon, concluding in dinner.

a little potty:

Sunday morning was crisp and bright, and I commenced my ‘mis-en-place’ as the sun rose.

still life:

The Clarence river gurgled nearby, the winter sun sparkled on damp grass, and all was well with the world.

just about ready:

Cutting boards were set up, I finished my morning herbal infusion, apron ready to don. Guests arriving soon…

minute particles of the whole:

Little bowls and cups were filled with all the magical ingredients for our kitchen alchemy.

the gang of nine:

After the intoductory talk, we posed for another pre-class archival photo.

lunch at the farm:

That’s Lyn, far left. We chose a great menu, and enjoyed the company of some interesting attendees, all of whom were eager to learn, cook and eat. Cookery is my life’s engagement, and my meditation.

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