Waxing Lyrical

Carnauba palm:

Devadeva from Alachua Florida writes:

“Your cochineal post grossed me out with that lady smooshing the bugs. So, I’m asking: what about carnauba wax? Is that bona fide for vegetarians? Seems like it is just beeswax, but from beetles. Am I right?

Kurma answers:

“Actually Carnauba Wax is a vegetable wax obtained from the leaves of a Brazilian palm tree (Copernica Cerifera) known as the “Tree of Life”.

You’ll find it as an additive in foods where it is used as a formulation aid, lubricant, release agent, anticaking agent, and surface finishing agent in baked foods and mixes, chewing gum, confections, frostings, fresh fruits and juices, gravies, sauces, processed fruits, and juices”.

Posted by Kurma on 15/1/09; 6:20:16 AM

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