Warm Plum Crostata

In my freezer are individual ziplock packets of homemade pizza dough, lying in stasis, awaiting only warm air to bring them back to life again.

warm plum crostata:

One pack of dough was quietly expanding in it’s little plastic cocoon on my benchtop when inspiration struck. I’ll make a sweet pizza! I remember reading a recipe a day or two ago for a plum crostata – essentially a round of sweet butter pastry wrapped over plums and baked: ultra-simple comfort food.

I lightly oiled a pizza tray, roughly spread out the dough into a disc, and thickly sprinkled almond meal (freshly ground) and sugar in its centre, leaving a two-inch border. Five large red plums were halved. I packed the sweet, nutty centrepiece with the firm but ripe fruit, splashed on a few drops of pure almond extract and a generous sprinkle of raw sugar, and folded in the sides of the dough.

Into a preheated 180 degree C oven for about 40 minutes or more – I lost count – and when it was golden and bubbly, out it came. It tasted as astonishingly good as it looks. The almond meal soaked up the gushy essence of the hot fruits and held it in a thick, firm, sweet jammy plum coulis. So simple and elegant.

Posted by Kurma on 19/4/09; 5:28:45 PM

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