Trekking with Kurma

Can you imagine me in khaki shorts, knee-length army socks, hiking boots and a heavy backpack, sweat dripping off my brow as I clamber down rock faces?

Waterfall, Berkley River North Kimberley:

No, me neither. So why the trekking topic? Read this interesting tale of a rehydrated vegetarian adventure in the West Australian desert, along with photos.

Remember, these photos are not vying for the pages of “Gourmet Traveler”. Dehydrated food is meant for survival, not looking good.

“Hi Kurma.   I’ve recently returned from six weeks of trekking in the North Kimberley Coast (see above). It’s a magnificent part of Australia.

Part of my preparation included cooking and dehydrating 6 weeks’ supply of food for 2 people (myself and wife). Every morning we had your toasted/baked Granola for breakfast – utterly delicious, and boy did it give me energy to burn!

Trekking Rajma:

Lunch was a choice of Sambar dal with vegetables (below, yet to be rehydrated, from Yamuna Devi’s book “Lord Krishna’s cuisine), your Rajma (without the panir, above, re-hydrated), Mexican refried beans (with Vita-Wheat crackers) and your Cauliflower Korma (my all time favourite).

Desert Sambar:

We also had dehydrated hummus, a beetroot/yoghurt dip and pumpkin risotto and a few other extras…

The food kept really well – no spoilage – and was delicious and reconstituted very easily – about 3 hours’ happily soaking in a container in my pack while I was enjoying the view.

I also cooked and dehydrated some Basmati rice and mixed it with the Dal, Rajma and Cauliflower. Next time I’ll keep the rice separate as the Toor dal took longer to reconstitute than the rice and vegetables. The Rajma and Cauliflower reconstituted in the same time frame as the rice.   Good vegetarian food + a dehydrator + Hiking = Bliss!

Regards, Nick”

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