Too Farty, To Be Sure…

(My old mate Jaya Tirtha Caran from New Zealand became inspired by yesterday’s topic (he’s that sort of guy) and sent me this story. If you’re a little slow, you may have to read it aloud in an Irish accent to get the punchline).


Mrs. O’Malley arrives in Boston from Ireland, and in no time at all her bean soup has made her the talk of New England society.

At a party celebrating the sale of her recipe to a fancy Charles Street restaurant, an old matron goes up to Mrs. O’Malley and says, “My dear girl, what is the secret of your soup?”

Mrs. O’Malley says, “The secret to me soup is that I use but two-hundred thirty-nine beans to make it.”

The woman says, “How come only two-hundred thirty-nine?”

Mrs. O’Malley says, “Because one more would make it too farty.”

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