Time to Czech the Oil

glorious panir steaks:

(Hunger-inducing photo courtesy of herestheveg.blogspot.com)

Goura Hari from Czech Republic writes:

“I am your fan since I was a small boy. As soon as I grew up a little I started using your cookbooks. I was trying to make those paneer cheese “steaks” and you write there to use butter to pan-fry them. But somehow the butter always burns. What am I doing wrong? If I lower the heat it does pretty much nothing. It does not really fry.”

My reply:

I am very happy to hear of your growing up with my cookbooks. I started work on my first cookbook 20 years ago, so next year, 2010, marks the 20th anniversary of Great Vegetarian Dishes.

The solution to your problem is simple. I did not recommend butter because butter burns when you try to fry with it. I suggested clarified butter (ghee), which has a very high smoking point, or a top quality olive oil. That will solve the burning butter scenario. Hope this helps.

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