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I have just returned from Melbourne, where I indulged in a ‘very culinary weekend’. Saturday was spent teaching a special birthday party cookery class. Here’s our intimate group, posing before we entered the kitchen. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Birthday with Kurma:

By the time I returned home it was quite late, and Sunday morning I was up before the sun, preparing for our penultimate Gopal’s Restaurant class for 2009. I was a bit tired, and so never got around to taking any photos. I sold an enormous amount of my cookbooks though, so everyone must have really enjoyed the day.

In fact, one happy punter wrote to me just last night:

“The thing I enjoyed most in today’s class was seeing the “craft” of the cooking, eg. how to press the pooris and how long to fry the spices for the dahl. Your love and passion for food made the class wonderfully engaging. The pace was good, with something always going on to keep an eye on. It was quite meditative not to think about anything but food for a few hours!”

Life has been so hectic that I haven’t had the chance to publish all my blog-worthy events. But since I am unable to do much else today but sit down, I thought I’d share another recent class with you, ‘one that got away’ electronically speaking.

Satyananda Yoga regularly hosts my Anna Yoga weekend in their lovely Ashram at Mangrove Mountain. The courses are so popular that bookings are already filling for March and August 2009.

Here’s a few ‘happy snaps’: Our 20-strong group was assigned to cook for the whole ashram and other guests, so here’s the final stir of our delectable pecan, orange, wild rice and basmati pilaff.

pecan pilaff anyone:

The gigantic kitchen had plenty of space for the occasional huddle. Here we discuss the ins and outs of milk proteins, both albuminous and casein.

we watch and learn:

Here’s just two of our happy crew, all in blue, making halava for me and you.

kitchen blues:

Getting down and dirty with dough.

dough man:

Getting the chapatis ship-shape. Yes I know, they’re supposed to be round.

chapati party:

Chapati-making has its serious side, as you can see.

seriouser and seriouser:

Well that’s me for today. Some unpacking, and especially more resting to be done. Until we meet again in The Land of Blog.

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