The Holy Month of Kartik


Devotees of Krishna greatly relish the sacred month of Kartik, which commenced a few days ago on the full moon day, and runs until the full moon of early November.

This is the first verse of a group of eight (astakam) chanted daily in temples throughout the world, and in my humble home here in Sydney, accompanied by an offering of a lamp, or in my case a votive candle, which I leave burning in a safe place in front of a picture of Krishna.

One can derive immense spiritual benefits from performing even this simple act during Kartik, wherein the results of acts of devotion are greatly magnified.

namamisvaram sac-cid-ananda-rupam
lasat-kundalam gokule bhrajamanam
paramrstam atyam tato drutya gopya

“To the Supreme Lord Whose form is composed of eternity, knowledge and bliss, Whose earrings swing and play upon His cheeks, Who is splendrously manifest in Gokula, Who is very fearful of mother Yasoda, and jumping down from the wooden grinding mortar quickly runs away, Who is chased by Yasoda running very quickly after Him and is ultimately caught from behind, I offer my respectful obeisances.”
Posted by Kurma on 7/10/09; 9:02:38 AM

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