Sugar-free Gulab Jamuns

Don’t laugh, now it’s possible.


Umesh Patel from USA wrote me a letter yesterday, and I’m sharing the contents with you:

“Hare Krishna Kurma! We all love Gulab Jamuns but my mom has diabetes so I was searching for a sugar substitute.

I tried so many things but it didn’t work well. But, I tried Agave Nectar and it worked as good as sugar. Agave nectar doesn’t boost your blood sugar level like sugar, and at the same time it’s 4 times sweeter than sugar.

On the top of that, you don’t have to make sugar syrup because it comes in a liquid form like Honey. Hope you will try this and share with other people.”

Any comments, dear readers?

Posted by Kurma on 23/3/09; 12:43:16 PM

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